We would like to take you on a trip to the moon with our winter party 19 collection: the moon collection. This year we are celebrating the first manned moon landing 50 years ago!

In our work with the moon collection, we found it inspiring and relevant to take a new glance at the amazing moon and let ourselves inspire by its mesmerizing appearance in the sky and its ability to overwhelm and draw attention.

The moon lives in, and lights up the night, it follows us all and invites us to enjoy melancholic and dreamy moments.

Humans has always been drawn to the mystery that surrounds the moon as well as being fascinated by the overwhelming raw look of its desert like landscape. Through time this hardly accessible spot in the universe has inspired designers, artists, scientists and now us for the moon collection.

You have to imagine being a part of the night sky; sparkling stars are around you and the quiet sound of silence surrounds you.

The moon collection is a magical travel, full of luxurious lace inserts and sparkling lurex details, beautifully made woven fabric and shiny sateen. As a seasonal styling item, we have added glittery leggings to give you the option of dressing the outfits up and down in combination with our comfortable, yet luxurious knitwear to keep you warm during the cold days to come. 

The collection gives you floaty skirts, draped dresses, cool blazers and glittery knitwear. In other words, the winter party 19 - the moon collection - is filled with festive styles for the up and coming parties of this season.