Edith Dress . Garbo Trousers

Line Dress

Tunis Earring . Small Edith Dress

Tunis Earring Small . Manasi Shirt

Jeanie Blouse . Jeanie Trousers

Audre Knit Vest . Millicent Shirt

Ahlam Knit Vest . Reid Shirt . Edie Leather Shorts

Buffie New Coat . Edie Leather Shorts

Rosina Fitted Dress

Evie Blazer . Evie Classic Trousers

Canillu Knit Dress . Tunis Earring

Evie Blazer . Evie Classic Trousers

Annie Quilt Waistcoat . Annie Dress

Louisa Knit Vest . Nader Shirt . Milica Trousers

Bibi Coat

Muriel Knit O-Neck . Calypso Skirt

Susian Waistcoat . Totema New Shirt . Susian Culotte

Eva Coat . Calypso Dress . Calypso Track Trousers

Mix Dakky Dress . Cicely Leggings

Cesina Coat . Cesina Blazer . Eddie Midi Dress

Cesina Coat . Eddie Midi Dress

Annestine Knit O-Neck

Buffie Waistcoat . Hilda T-Neck Tee . Carmella Sweat Pants

Annestine Knit O-Neck . Francie Leather Skirt

With this Spring collection we are celebrating “Every Female”.
This collection embraces women who love & appreciate the beauty of what everyday life presents to her. She is always up for discovering new cultural events but a walk in the park or along the waterfront with friends and family also play a central part in her life. Second Female is “Every female”, and with the collection we celebrate the diversity of this, and always with a nod to feminine details and shapes. These are fundamental to Second Female.
Spring 2021 holds soft shapes and dresses combined with workwear pieces. The collection is versatile, and pieces can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Within the range you will find statement styles such as cool leather separates. Suits and waist coats in exclusive checks.  Cotton shirts and dresses that combine different stripes. And a large range of lovely shirts and skirts that combine beautifully and make the ideal little outfit.

Knitwear pieces are soft and feminine. They help create a perfect outfit for a transitional season and also tie in well with both the print and colour inspiration of the entire collection.

Prints are inspired by an artisanal and handmade feel, with a range of floral & animal print interpretations. Colours are soft, luxurious and modern, which underlines the feminine DNA of Second Female.