Second Female is every female

Second Female is every female

Second Female is every female. In twenty years, we have proudly embraced women. Not certain women, but all women in all ages.

We are fascinated and inspired by all women. A woman is not only a woman. 
Within every woman exists a second female – an extra layer. Something they are dreaming of becoming or something they already embody. Mothers are also career women. Students are also sports freaks. Women love their family and friends, maybe they love their garden and their dog – but unquestionably most women love fashion. 

Our Second Females are 23 years old - they are 63 years old. They are nurses, lawyers, students, writers, teachers, work in a bank or teach yoga. But common to all of them is, that they love that little extra. We love to give them that. For 20 years we have had all of these women as our muses – and that is why Second Female is every female.


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