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Clean and classic design

At Second Female, you find blouses and shirts in different prints that are based on the colours of the season, and we truly care about designing fashionable and classy blouses and shirts that suits your wardrobe. You will never go wrong with a nice blouse and a pair of neutral trousers.

Achieve different styles with our shirts in nice materials

Blouses and shirts can be used in all thinkable occasions and can be styled up and down based on need. We pride ourselves on creating blouses that falls elegantly on the female body. That is why the choice of material is very important to us, to be able to create styles that are comfortable, light and of high quality. The solid coloured, subtle styles are exciting to combine with the more colourful bottom parts. A combination of a beautiful skirt and a shirt with detail can give a brand-new dimension to your expression. There is something classic and timeless about blouses and shirts that most likely will never go out of fashion.